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The AC500 is a flexible and consistent expansion and upgrade product that can adapt to a variety of automation tasks: a variety of related equipment can be flexibly combined and used according to user needs, thus minimizing inventory.
After the acquisition of Bailey, ABB integrated its various control systems into the 800XA series of control systems based on industrial IT for targeted technology. In addition to providing a holistic solution for the domestic power, metallurgy, petrochemical, paper and other industries, it has introduced its small and medium-sized control system AC31, which has a history of more than ten years, into China. Based on this, the more current AC500 series is launched, which can provide more choices for domestic system integration and OEM applications.

Product Details

Perfectly meet customer needs

Although the requirements for existing systems and buses are not very high in equipment or factory automation applications, there will be a significant increase in system size and bus type in the near future. At this point you need a simple, yet flexible, consistent extension and system that adds different bus capabilities. In order to achieve this goal, you may have repeated communication with the user. Now ABB offers you a new AC500 control system that is future-proof and protects your investment.

Parallel connection of different bus systems

The AC500 can be used in the same control system in parallel with different types of bus systems. When the user needs to upgrade the CPU level of his existing system, it can be realized by replacing only the CPU module while the software, communication module and I/O module are unchanged. AC500 programming software: AC500 Control Builder provides you with an EC61131-3 compliant programming environment that supports all programming languages under this standard, making it easier for users to learn.

Investment for future security

In addition to excellent performance, simple operation, high reliability and easy maintenance, users' requirements for the system are not to completely replace the system hardware and software, and the system upgrade can protect the existing investment. The AC500 is not a migration strategy that is advocated by others. The AC500 provides true system evolution. Through this evolution, you can build on the existing equipment. New high-rise buildings.

Flexible bus system

The communication bus can be arbitrarily changed according to the user's needs without changing the communication interface. This is a flexible choice based on ABB's unique FBP bus technology. Different bus protocols can be changed by simply changing the FBP connectors of different types of buses on the same FBP bus interface. This change does not require the user to make any special settings, all changes are automatically identified. This brings incredible convenience to the user's changes between standard fieldbuses.

Complete product range

ABB offers its customers a complete line of low voltage products ranging from PLCs to switchgear and protection devices. Such as: soft starters, contactors, circuit breakers to standard sensor equipment.

Many of ABB's components are integrated into the new FBP bus concept. For example: The FBP interface provides a universal UMC22-FBP motor controller that precisely controls the user's motor and effectively protects the motor, as well as Tmax T4, T5 molded case circuit breakers, PSS/PST soft starters and Devices such as wireless sensors are organically connected to the same bus system for information sharing. In the AC500 system, in addition to the expansion of distributed I/O through FBP, the CPU can also be accessed as a substation system of FBP for other devices.

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