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FOX615/ETL600 power communication equipment

The FOX615 is a new communication device for the FOX product line, which is specifically designed for use in power systems. By supporting both fixed circuit and packet switching technologies in the same sub-box, it becomes a bridge between the two technologies, making up for the gap between the two. The FOX615 is an excellent solution for integrated protection application interfaces that reduces operational and maintenance costs and maximizes availability.

Product Details

Supporting both fixed circuit and packet switching technologies, it has become a bridge between the two technologies.

— Guaranteed performance for real-time applications

— Utility-grade design, optional no moving parts (such as fans)

— Set access transport multiplexer

— Integrated remote protection application interface

— Full interoperability with FOX515 and traditional FOX-U

— One of the best solutions designed for power companies to reduce operating costs

— Long life cycle, adapt to public facilities requirements

— Based on ABB's comprehensive knowledge and technology system

The FOX615 can be used in an electromagnetically polluted environment with a wide temperature range (– 25°C to 60°C). It includes a range of user interfaces such as utility-specific protection features and other special features (eg SCADA 101/104 systems). In terms of transmission, FOX615 supports STM-16 and can establish a wide-area communication network. The integration of access and transport multiplexer functionality allows installation and maintenance to be targeted to a single platform, which greatly reduces operating costs and meets space requirements. At the same time, configuration and management configuration and management can be achieved with a single management system.

Integrated remote protection interface

The FOX615 integrates a remote protection interface module for distance and differential protection applications. The TEPI1 remote protection interface provides four high-voltage interfaces for direct-attached protection relays (according to IEC60834-1), and the OPIC1 protection interface provides four IEEE C37.94-compliant ports for power enterprise distance and Differential protection applications provide an excellent solution. The advantages are as follows:

— More interfaces and hardware modules increase system availability and make MTBF protection systems possible.

— Reduced line connections between individual devices for greater integration.

— All services are deployed by one tool, reducing maintenance costs.

— FOX615 can be fully integrated into the network management system, greatly improving system response time.

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