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RTU560 automatic control equipment

The RTU560 is widely used. The RTU560 product is based on ABB's 40 years of experience in RTU business and is a replacement for RTU200 and RTU232.
The RTU560 is available in five different configurations, RTU560A, C, D, E and G. All configurations can use the same engineering tool. The RTU560 is a modular design based product that provides flexible configuration and functional extension. In addition, RTU spare parts can also be used in all selection configurations.
The RTU560 is compliant with the IEC 61850 protocol to prepare for future upgrades. The RTU560 features an integrated HMI with easy SCADA functionality to save costs for substation local monitoring.
The RTU560 can be configured redundantly according to customer needs. This includes communication interfaces, central processing units and power supply redundancy. The RTU560 is easy to operate and can be developed locally as needed. The RTU can be migrated to the field and connected to multiple control systems through a variety of communication protocols and interfaces.

Product Details

Communicate with the main system

— IEC60870-5-101 and IEC60870-5-104 in TCP/IP IEC60870-5-101 and TCP/IP-based IEC60870-5-104 network communication protocol

— DNP3.0 (continuous and TCP/IP) DNP3.0 (serial port and TCP/IP-based network communication protocol)

— MODBUS (serial port and TCP/IP-based network communication protocol)

— TG800, SINAUT8FW, HITACHI HDLC, Conitel 300 

— RP570/571, Indactic 35, Indactic 33, Indactic 23 

— IED Communication

— IEC870-5-101, 102, 103, 104 

— IEC61850 Stationbus 



— RP570, SPABUS, Indactic 21, Indactic 23, Indactic 33 

More customized protocols

Support various communication media, such as direct connection (RS232, RS485), audio modem (CCITT, V.23), wireless connection, dial-up modem, fiber-optic connection, digital network, LAN/WAN.


— Scalable hardware platform

— Integrated Chinese

— The flash memory and local printing functions record and save the event archives, measured values, counts and fault recordings of the protection device

— PLC logic control function is designed according to IEC61131-3

— Redundancy of multi-layer concepts such as power supplies, communication units, and communication lines

— Windows-based engineering tools that support EXCEL format input of data

— System synchronization can be achieved by the main system time synchronization, GPS synchronization or DCF77 synchronization or IRIG-B synchronization, SNTP synchronization

— 19’’ rack mount solution

— CE standard

— ISO 9001 quality standard

The remote terminal unit can be used to: 

— Electricity and various utilities

— Substation automation upgrade and expansion system

— Water supply and water treatment

— Natural gas and oil pipeline applications

— Transportation system and railway

— Building automation system

— District heating

— Power plant

RTU560Have the following configuration: 

— RTU560A Large capacity, redundant performance

— RTU560C Medium capacity

— RTU560D Small, medium capacity

— RTU560E Small capacity

— RTU560G Small capacity

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