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MicroSCADA pro

ABB MicroSCADA pro is a substation monitoring software developed by ABB Group for power transmission and distribution systems. It has more than 20 years of extensive operating experience.
ABB MicroSCADA pro is a microcomputer-based programmable monitoring system developed for power, railway, natural gas, district heating, water supply and petroleum networks. It is also used as a signal and control system in a variety of production processes such as pulp and paper, metal, woodworking and chemical industries. System advantages:
-- Provide support and services in your area
-- Cost-effective, scalable with low life cycle cost and size
-- State-of-the-art network security deployment to protect your assets and interests
-- IEC 61850 guarantees compatibility for future standard design implementation

Product Details

Our SCADA product, MicroSCADA Pro, is your reliable automation and control solution for a wide range of industries such as infrastructure, transportation, renewable energy and electric utilities. SCADA software enables optimized operation, is fully customized to meet your needs, and easily expands system functionality at any time.

So far, up to 12,000 sets of system installed capacity is enough to demonstrate that MicroSCADA Pro can be used in a variety of applications, is a field-proven automation solution. We offer a comprehensive range of service options to improve your power system performance in a variety of operating conditions and disturbances. Therefore, your investment will bring great returns.

MicroSCADA Pro is a future-oriented investment. Its modular design allows you to add the features you need. When you extend new intervals for substations, ABB's unique connectivity concept allows you to easily extend your existing MicroSCADA Pro system.

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