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ABB extended automation system 800xA

System 800xA's "xA" represents extended automation and leverages the IndustrialIT architecture for integration in a fully redundant, reliable environment.The Extended Automation System 800xA is an integrated platform with unparalleled connectivity to systems and applications across the enterprise and plant, helping to improve operations, engineering, control and maintenance, and providing a collaborative environment for real-time decision making.
System 800xA extends the reach of traditional automation systems beyond process control to help users improve energy efficiency, asset efficiency, energy efficiency and operator efficiency. This is the power of integration.

Product Details

System Structure

System 800xA's client-server architecture is the backbone of the system. In terms of server and workstation hardware selection, System 800xA provides users with freedom of choice and offers a wide range of authenticated and certified servers, both standard server configurations and Blade server configuration.

System Features

1)Control system integration

Through the OPC and fieldbus protocols, System 800xA's integrated platform effectively integrates controllers and devices, including third-party DCS controllers and PLCs. Once connected, as with other integrated ABB hardware and software components, data becomes part of the system. And the platform provides a basis for system evolution, allowing users to easily control the conversion of code from existing controllers to the latest AC800M controllers, saving time and retaining the original engineering investment.

2)Security system integration

System 800xA provides a complete Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) solution that complies with IEC61508 and IEC61511 standards, and its scope is not limited to logic solver functions, but also covers the entire safety bribery, including SIL-rated field instruments, controllers And I/O modules, valve positioners and actuators.The highly scalable System 800xA SIS solution gives you the flexibility to implement specific security features that meet the plant's actual needs.

3)Electrical system integration

System 800xA's IEC61850 communication module is an important complement to the AC800M communication capability. It converts the AC800M controller into an IED intelligent electrical device, enabling horizontal communication with other IEDs for fast time-critical data through the use of the GOOSE protocol.This effectively integrates electrical control and process control within the plant to help users optimize the use of power subsystems within their facilities based on the demand for power utilization in real-time processes.

4)Vertical device integration

System 800xA is designed to be the best system for fieldbus integration solutions. Each AC800M controller can support up to 12 fieldbus for data communication.Supports the powerful integration capabilities of various protocols, allowing each controller to view information from virtually anywhere on the network, making process and diagnostic data from field devices an integral part of the 800xA system and enabling all-in-one applications You can use this data.

5)Asset optimization, batch management and knowledge management

Asset optimization software fully exploits the information wealth of the plant itself, assessing and reporting equipment status in real time, reducing the cost of costly error corrections and preventive maintenance, and optimizing maintenance and calibration workflows.

The 800xA batch management enterprise plan works in conjunction with production system scheduling to provide a flexible, fast and quality control to meet growing production demands. Knowledge management software is powerful for mobile, storage, retrieval and display of current and historical processes as well as business data, support for reporting, KPU visualization and analysis.

6)Comprehensive operator functionality for increased efficiency

System 800xA provides a unified, collaborative environment for operation, helping to increase operator efficiency and thereby improve production performance. This includes a fully integrated operator environment for process, safety and electrical applications, advanced alarm management and personalized work interfaces for completely intuitive navigation and information access.

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