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WinCS process control system

WinCS process control system, as a new hybrid automation system, adheres to the essential needs of process automation "safe and reliable", while fully considering the investment optimization process of customer implementation process control system engineering and long-term operation and maintenance cost,Strictly follow the requirements of the above-mentioned next-generation control system, focus on R&D products, and provide our customers with an ideal control solution of “minimum engineering volume, maximum automation” through professional automation support and engineering service team.

Product Details

The WinCS process control system is divided into an operation management layer, a process control layer, and a field device layer. The operational management layer includes an engineering station, an operator station, and a data server. The engineering station can realize the configuration programming and recipe management of the system. The operator station can realize the functions of system operation and display, archiving and recording, trend and alarm and bus device management.The field device layer (actuator and sensor, etc.) signals are connected to the I/O or communicate directly with the controller via the fieldbus protocol to enable process data management at the operational management layer.

System Communication

Data communication within the process control station (controllers and I/O, smart devices or fieldbus instruments) uses fieldbuses that comply with international standards. The field controller supports various fieldbus connections such as PROFIBUS-DP, MODBUS TCP/RTU/ASCII, and the system can also be connected to HART instruments and PROFIBUS-PA fieldbus instruments.

The communication between the operator level and the process control level and the process controller uses Industrial Ethernet based on the TCP/IP protocol with a maximum transfer rate of 100 MB/s.

Real-time process values and alarms in the WinCS process control system can be accessed via OPC DA and OPC AE. We also provide a C programming interface embedded in an external Windows-based operating system application (ie DMS-API package) to facilitate non-standard OPC communication.

Process Control Layer

At the process control level, the system can be composed of a number of process control stations connected to I/O units, with up to 100 controllers.You can configure the process station in redundant mode (controller redundancy, fieldbus module redundancy, I/O module redundancy) or non-redundant mode.The modular pluggable input/output modules are free to choose according to the type and number of system process signals.

Operational Management

The WinHMI operator station uses PC hardware, which can be either a standard business PC or an industrial PC, and runs under the Microsoft Windows operating system. WinHMI supports dual display and operation.

The operational management layer can be an engineering station and several operator stations with a maximum configuration of 100. The WinConfig engineering station configures and commissions the system.Typically, we can use a portable device such as a notebook to configure the system in the office and in the field. Operator-grade PCs can also be used as engineering stations at the same time. Engineers can be shut down during normal system operation without permanently connecting to the system.

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