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Freelance distributed control system

Freelance is a powerful distributed control system that combines the best of both DCS and PLC. Freelance not only provides users with the full functionality of the DCS system, but also starts from a small application scale like a PLC. Its integrated environment allows users to easily perform engineering, commissioning, maintenance and fieldbus management. An intuitive operator interface makes operation and diagnosis of the entire system simpler.

Product Details

Freelance control system has successfully installed more than 18,000 units in more than 100 countries.At the same time, ABB is continuing to innovate in the Freelance Distributed Control System (DCS). Today, the latest AC900F controllers enable Freelance to greatly enhance its performance, speed and functionality.

An important feature of Freelance is that both the AC700F and AC900F controllers now support SD memory cards. This allows users to download applications or perform firmware upgrades without the need for a computer terminal program.

Freelance : Advantages at a glance

— Compatible with components of earlier versions of Freelance

— AC900F controller integrated Profibus bus redundancy

— Enhanced engineering tools

— The AC700F, AC800F and AC900F controllers support ModbusTCP and IEC60870-5-104 remote communication protocols.

— The AC700F and AC900F controllers support SD memory cards for downloading and storing applications and firmware upgrades without a computer

— The AC900F controller supports an optional LCD display and provides diagnostic information for maintenance

— High availability, support for full redundancy

— The AC900F controller has a built-in serial port and 4 Ethernet ports for added connectivity

The Freelance Control System is ABB's ideal solution for all process industry users with a user-friendly interface that is cost-effective and rugged. It has the following advantages:

— Easy to use: Very easy to install, learn, engineer, debug, backup, maintain and expand.

— High scalability: Project size can start from very few I/O signal points and gradually scale to thousands of I/O signal points.

— Reliability: Proven technology that supports redundancy without any single point of failure for high reliability and availability.

— Help you save money: Start at a small scale and run directly on any standard PC, saving installation, engineering, commissioning and system lifecycle costs.

The Freelance control system integrates a user-friendly engineering environment and provides users with an open, modern system architecture. Freelance can be installed on any standard computer in just a few minutes. The accompanying Video Multimedia DVD tutorial helps users quickly learn and use the Freelance control system.And in less than a week, users can easily master the Freelance control system because the entire system has only one engineering tool. Features such as built-in pre-engineered and ready-to-use displays make engineering easier. In addition, a single project file makes archiving and backup operations easier. At the same time, the Freelance control system also supports multiple languages to meet a variety of user scenarios.

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