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RE_650/670 series relay protection device

650 Series unit offers one of the best options for “off the shelf” and ready to use.These solutions are equipped with comprehensive protection features and default parameters to meet a wide range of applications for power generation, transmission and sub-level transmission.650 Series unit includes:
— Complete optimization solutions for a wide range of applications in power generation, transmission and secondary transmission
— Support users to set the signal and function settings by using the local language custom name
— Minimum parameter values refer to default values and ABB's latest common reference concept
— You only need to set the parameters related to the specific application, the relay can be put into operation
— GOOSE information transmission for horizontal communication
— Extended HMI features include 15 3-color dynamic LED indicators per page (up to 3 pages) and settable button shortcuts for different operations

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Busbar protection and control


Bay control


Line differential protection and control


Generator protection and control


Line distance protection and control


Transformer protection and control

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